OmniGPT: Empowering the AI Landscape

Today, we at OmniGPT are excited to announce the launch of our latest version, which brings significant improvements and exciting additions to our platform. As we continue to strive toward our larger mission of making Artificial Intelligence (AI) affordable and accessible to all, we are confident that these new features and enhancements will take us a step closer to achieving our goal.

OmniGPT's Mission: Democratizing AI

Before we dive into the specifics of our new release, let's take a moment to talk about our mission. We believe that AI should not be a luxury that only a few can afford, but a tool that is available to everyone, regardless of their background or industry. We envision an AI platform that is personalized, seamlessly integrated into all your tools, and remembers your preferences and previous conversations.

To make this a reality, we leverage OpenAI models via API, operating on very tiny margins to optimize pricing. This approach not only allows us to make AI affordable but also ensures our users gain access to the best models out there.

Selector of models in OmniGPT
You can choose among models from OpenAI and Meta

Introducing Long-term Memory

We are proud to introduce long-term memory within a conversation, a feature that is a result of our hard work on vector database technology. This means that OmniGPT can recall your preferences and past interactions, leading to a more personalized and seamless AI experience.


Making AI Accessible: The Free Tier

In our mission to make AI accessible, we are thrilled to introduce a free tier. This allows users to use our base models and Whatsapp integration without any charge. We believe this significant step will greatly contribute to democratizing AI, allowing even more individuals and businesses to harness the power of AI.

Looking Ahead: Document Library, Google Drive Integration, and More

But we are not stopping here. We have big plans lined up for the next two weeks. One of the major additions we are working on is the integration of a document library and Google Drive into our platform. This will allow users to have a constant source of data, significantly boosting their productivity.

In our pursuit to provide access to the best models, we're also planning on introducing new models to our platform. These include Claude and Mistral. We're also excited about expanding our horizons with the introduction of Chinese AI models.

Feedback, the Key to Continuous Improvement

At OmniGPT, we recognize that our users play a pivotal role in our journey toward democratizing AI. We value your feedback and to encourage this feedback loop, we're offering a free month to anyone who is open to having a feedback call with our team. Contact our team in our live chat.

About this article

We made this article with OmniGPT. We tried Llama2 and GPT-4 with the same prompts and, for our surprise, we preferred what Llama produced. You can judge by yourself: find here the GPT-4 version we discarded.