How to Resume Screening Faster with AI

If you're an HR professional, you know the pain all too well. Stacks of resumes flood your inbox, each representing a potential candidate vying for your attention. The task of manually screening these resumes is time-consuming and tedious – hours spent poring over documents, trying to discern the truly qualified from the simply hopeful.

What if you could streamline this process? What if you could quickly identify top prospects, freeing up valuable time for more strategic HR tasks?This guide will show you how to leverage OmniGPT to revolutionize your resume screening process.

Step 1: Define your ideal candidate & prepare your data

Clearly outline the required skills, experience, and qualifications for the open position.

Prepare essential data, such as:

  • Job description: Ensure it's detailed and reflects the ideal candidate profile.
  • Resumes: Gather them in any format such as PDF or Docx.

Greeting with OmniGPT’s bot before doing a resume screening to know each other more. You would like to briefly describe your job description and your ideal candidate and goals for this job For example:

I'm conducting resume screening for the [job title] position at [company's name]. The job description is: [job description]. The goal of the resume screening is to find a candidate that fulfills 100% of the job requirements. After this prompt, I will upload CVs and let you do the Resume Screening. If you understand, respond “OK”

Step 2: Upload CVs and draft prompts

Upload the CVs to OmniGPT and ask OmniGPT for whatever you want to analyze with this CV. You can choose one of the prompt examples:

Summarize the key skills and experience highlighted in this resume.
Identify how well this candidate's skills align with the following job requirements: [list requirements].
Extract relevant skills from this resume and match them against the job description.
From 1 to 10, rate the match rate of this CV to the job: “[job description]"
What is the percentage match between this CV and the job description: "[job description]"

Step 3: Analyze the Output

Carefully review OmniGPT's responses. It will provide insights into skill matching, summaries, and potential biases to be aware of.

Step 4: Iterate and Improve

Refine your prompts and data input for better results until it effectively pre-screens resumes according to your criteria.

Tips for Effective Prompts

  • 1. Be Specific
    • Detail Your Needs: Clearly define what you’re asking for. Instead of saying "Write about technology," specify "Write a 500-word article on the impact of blockchain technology in finance."
  • 2. Use Clear Language
    • Avoid Ambiguity: Use straightforward and precise language. Ambiguous requests can lead to varied interpretations and outcomes. For instance, "Analyze sales data" could be made clearer by specifying "Analyze monthly sales data for Q1 2023 to identify top-performing products."
  • 3. Set Clear Objectives
    • Define the Goal: Make sure your prompt has a clear objective. Knowing the purpose of your request helps guide the AI to generate the most relevant content. For example, "Create a prompt template to screen resumes for alignment with job description requirements, aiming to identify top 5% candidates."
  • 4. Provide Context
    • Include Background Information: Giving context helps tailor the response to your needs. If you're asking for a product description, mention your target audience and key selling points.


In conclusion, leveraging OmniGPT for resume screening can dramatically streamline the HR process, saving valuable time and resources. By defining your ideal candidate, preparing your data, uploading CVs, and drafting specific prompts, you can effectively pre-screen candidates and identify top prospects. Remember to be specific, use clear language, set clear objectives, and provide context in your prompts for the best results. Embracing AI in this way can revolutionize your HR tasks, allowing you to focus more on strategic initiatives.

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