Catch The Clicks: Generating Ideas for A/B Testing Email Subject Lines using AI

As marketing professionals, we know the power of a well-crafted subject line. It's the first impression, the gateway that entices recipients to open our emails and discover the value within.

However, crafting the perfect subject line can be a challenge. That's where OmniGPT, comes in.

Let's explore how to leverage its capabilities to generate A/B testable subject lines that boost your open rates and campaign effectiveness.


  • Step 1: Define Your Mission (Goals & Audience)
  • Step 2: Prime the AI Pump (Instructions for OmniGPT)
  • Step 3: Explore Creativity Avenues (Different Prompt Approaches)
  • Step 4: Choose Your Champions (Selecting the Best Subject Lines)
  • Step 5: Unleash the Test and Analyze the Victors (Testing & Data-Driven Optimization)
  • Bonus Tip: Personalize for Impact (Leveraging User Data & Segmentation)

Step 1: Define Your Mission

Before diving into AI-powered creativity, clarify your campaign goals and target audience. What do you want recipients to do after opening the email? Is it a product launch, a webinar registration, or simply boosting brand awareness? Knowing your target audience's demographics, interests, and pain points is crucial for crafting relevant subject lines.

Example Scenario: You're launching a new line of eco-friendly cleaning products targeted at sustainability-conscious millennials.

Step 2: Prime the AI Pump

Now, let's unleash OmniGPT's potential! Here's how to provide clear instructions:

  • State your goals: Briefly explain what you want recipients to do after opening the email (e.g., "Increase product launch awareness among millennials").
  • Describe your audience: Share key demographics and interests (e.g., "Millennials interested in eco-friendly products").
  • Summarize your email content: Give OmniGPT a gist of what the email offers (e.g., "Introducing our new eco-friendly cleaning line").
  • Set the tone: Specify the desired emotional tone (e.g., "Excited, informative, and environmentally conscious").
Example Prompt: "Generate 5 attention-grabbing subject lines for a millennial audience, promoting our new eco-friendly cleaning product launch email. Use an excited and informative tone, highlighting the products' sustainability benefits."

Step 3: Explore Creativity Avenues

OmniGPT offers various approaches to subject line generation. Experiment with these to find your gems:

  • Keyword-based: Provide relevant keywords related to your product and audience (e.g., "Clean Green: Your Home's Sustainable Solution").
  • Benefit-driven: Focus on the benefits your product offers (e.g., "Shine Bright, Go Green: Eco-Cleaning Made Easy").
  • Question-based: Spark curiosity with intriguing questions (e.g., "Ready to Ditch Harsh Chemicals? Discover the Eco-Clean Difference").
  • Emotional-driven: Tap into specific emotions you want to evoke (e.g., "Love Your Planet, Love Your Home: Clean Green is Here").

Step 4: Choose Your Champions

Carefully review the generated subject lines. Select the most promising ones based on:

  • Clarity: Is the message clear and easy to understand?
  • Relevance: Does it align with your campaign goals and target audience?
  • Resonance: Does it evoke the desired emotion and pique curiosity?

Include a control subject line you know performs well for comparison.

Step 5: Unleash the Test and Analyze the Victors

Launch your A/B test using your chosen subject lines. Closely monitor open rates for each variation. After sufficient data, analyze the results to identify the clear winner(s). This data becomes invaluable for future email campaigns.

Start small, test, iterate, and learn from your audience's response.

Bonus Tip

Consider user data and segmentation for even more targeted subject lines. For example, if you know a segment prefers natural ingredients, highlight that aspect in their subject line.

Remember, the key lies in clear communication with your AI assistant and a data-driven optimization approach. So, go forth, experiment, and craft those click-worthy subject lines that captivate your audience and achieve your marketing goals!